The Show

Finding Light is a 30 minute performance followed by a 30 minute Q&A.

The performance involves monologues, statistics and poetic language to explore the realities of mental health, including depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts, honestly and sensitively.

The post-show Q&A is key: it opens up a conversation with the audience. The show creates a safe, accepting space that makes audience members feel comfortable contributing afterwards. They can ask questions, share stories, discuss stereotypes, learn ways to improve emotional wellbeing, and find out where to get help.


Mental health workshops are a brilliant addition to the show.

Using the show as a stimulus and having created a safe, kind atmosphere, workshops use games and exercises to broaden participants' understanding and allow them to explore the issues creatively.

Workshops are tailored to each group's requirements. They can be based on partner and group work to understand different conditions, challenge myths and stereotypes, and learn about resources and available help. Alternatively, workshops can be very practical, using drama-based exercises that use voice and movement to express ideas and feelings.


Every session is designed specifically to group requirements, so I offer bespoke quotes, with discounts available for multiple bookings.

If you would like to start creating conversations about mental health, wherever you are, please get in touch and we can build a session together.