Having the ability to understand, articulate and improve mental health is vital, especially around adolescence as this is a period of transition and various challenges. Knowing that mental wellbeing can fluctuate in everyone, and learning ways to support and improve it, is essential if young people are going to show resilience and positivity in the face of stress and change. The sessions teach students how to recognise symptoms of different conditions, how and where to ask for help, and how to support someone else. Both the show and workshop encourage students to voice concerns, ask questions and learn together ways to help each other.

In a school setting, Finding Light integrates seamlessly with PSHE programmes and Performing Arts courses, and the workshops can be tailored to both, with the focus either being partner/group work or more movement and drama-based exercises, using physicality and sound to explore issues. Sessions can also be designed for teachers and staff, as part of a whole school approach. The show is appropriate for anyone aged 12 and over, and has been performed in secondary schools, sixth form colleges and universities in the UK and abroad.

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